Curious about working with me?  Here are a few Q and As to get started:

Q.What is coaching?

A. An official description is here.  My chat-with-you-over-coffee explanation is a way for me to help you find clarity around your goals, support your growth, highlight strengths and wins, ask questions, help you find solutions and always, always, be a positive force to keep you both grounded in what’s most important and growing in the direction of your dreams.

Q. What’s involved?

A.  Mostly, we chat by phone once a week, generally 30-45 minutes.  I’m super flexible and will work with your schedule.  You’ll have a little bit of homework at first – to get you thinking about where you want to be several weeks and months down the road. Each week, you’ll set smart, attainable goals and I’ll send you notes to help keep them fresh in your mind.  Generally, it’s best to commit to 8-12 weeks of coaching, but again, we’ll be as flexible as we can to meet your needs and goals.

Q. What is the cost?

A. Here’s the great part.  It’s free!  Well, it costs you in terms of your time, energy and willingness to prioritize yourself, but there is no financial cost.   This is part of my certification process and my own learning and growth, so no cost.  (Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch?)

Q. What kinds of things can we cover in coaching?

A.  Lots of personal growth topics and issues can be covered in coaching.  Many of them center around wellness, nutrition, habits, organization, time management, exercise.  But I want to be very transparent, I am neither a therapist nor medical professional. (But if you need someone like that, I’m happy to help refer you to those specialists. )

I am a coach to support who can affirm your strengths, help you prioritize and set goals and walk along aside you as you reach milestones, big and small.

Here are a few goals clients have worked on with me:

  • morning and evening routines
  • setting priorities and managing time
  • eliminating unhealthy foods
  • adding more activity into daily and weekly routines
  • sticking to a schedulekk diet, health plan
  • positive parenting skills 
  • understanding kids’ behavior and misbehavior

Q.  Is this confidential?

A.  HIPPA doesn’t apply here, but my conversations with people about their life and goals go into the VAULT.  That means I don’t share unless you tell me it’s okay.  Seriously. It’s your business, your story to tell, not mine.  I believe always in supporting people and sharing personal information does not support individuals or relationships.

Phew! Does that help?

If you’re curious (and I hope you are!), the next step is to fill out this short form.  It will give me some basic information on who you are and what you are looking for… I promise to read it quickly and be in touch soon to set up a time for us to talk more.

Meanwhile, if you have questions – just reach out and let me know!

Take care and be well!