About seven years ago, my husband suggested we meet with an up-and-coming wellness coach to overhaul our collective diets. I was a little surprised by this move, but he was really moved when he met Lisa Consiglio Ryan of Whole Health Designs.  So the two of us met with her and we were both taken by her passion, spunk, and smarts.  We invited her to our house to talk more about what we eat as a family, our eating quirks and to do a quick survey of our kitchen to make suggestions for healthier eating.

Lisa brought the same spunk and smarts, along with compassion, to our house. But let’s just say our response wasn’t so enthusiastic.  I was uncharacteristically speechless. “How on earth would we do this with a fish allergy and a teenage vegetarian? This is nuts…” I thought.

We were a bit overwhelmed and honestly, I just could not imagine eating seaweed, or kale, or juice of any form. Or getting rid of pretzels.  There was so much that was mind-boggling, but Lisa’s message was clear:  recognize what you are doing well and look for a few places to make some shifts. It would take time.

And time it did.

For us, it was years. And several rounds of her seasonal cleanses. Each time I learned more – and I continue to learn more! Every single time, I learn more about what it means to stick to long-term goals, to have gratitude for what is and to accept that there is much beyond our control.  Food can be nourishing, healthy and delicious and it is okay to stray when that glass of wine or yummy, fruity desert is really calling your name.  I know I feel, work and act with greater purpose, energy and authenticity when I eat and sleep well and stay super-hydrated.  And then there are days I stray from these intentions.

I learned that change is a process and happens when you are clear on your values and goals and you can be compassionate with yourself as you embark upon growing into a healthier more authentic life. For me, this is always easier with some accountability and support and Lisa is definitely one I lean on for support.

Looking for ways to shift your eating and ditching processed foods? This article if full of suggestions and tips. Or noodle over to Whole Health Designs to see what my friend Lisa has to say on this top.
Be well and take care,