Now that we’ve begun to get to know each other, it’s time to dig deep.  This next step is one of several deep dives we’ll take over the next several weeks.  I’m so looking forward to helping you identify what is going well and where you want to go!

Growth in rarely linear.

As part of the Wellcoaches format, there’s some background work and growth-minded work you’ll need to unpack.  Get yourself comfortable – maybe a cup of something to sip on, turn down the noise around you, get yourself comfy in a chair or at your desk.  Be ready to commit 20-30 minutes thinking about your life,  your wellness and your vision for a more healthy, robust, and grounded life.



Once you’re ready, jump on over here. Keep in mind a wellness vision is a fluid statement – you may start off with some ideas, experiment with ways to achieve that vision and find yourself diverging or changing course.  Growth is rarely a linear path – so be ready to zig and zag and revise as you learn!

You’ll need my email address on the second page of this external link:

Here we go…  I look forward to helping you identify priorities, set some goals and grow towards meeting those goals and a more grounded, healthy and balanced way of life!

Be well and take care!


NOTE: If you haven’t already read this short article on “What is Wellness Coaching” take a few minutes before you work on your vision. It’s super-short, yet provides a solid overview of what to expect.