Grounded 2 Grow Coaching


Grounded 2 Grow’s mission is to respect, listen to, support encourage, inspire and motivate clients to define priorities, set goals, and live balanced lives of purpose and joy.  


To help bring clarity to priorities, strategies, and gifts that help clients feel fulfilled, balanced, healthy and connected to those around them.


With more than 25 years of teaching experience in independent schools and as a teacher of teachers,  Lisa Dewey Wells has a profound passion for teaching and learning. She has taught and worked with students of all ages (preschool through college) as well as trained teachers and adult learners, with a commitment to knowing learners as individuals, creating communities where individual strengths strengthen the larger group and individual and collect goals are clearly articulated to foster maximum growth. Lisa has a natural ability to meet learners where they are and move them forward on their path in ways that foster open inquiry, a growth mindset, and positivity. Lisa presents to audiences on social emotional learning, reflective teaching practices, and yoga/mindfulness.

Lisa is also a registered yoga teacher who teaches both in local studios and on stand up paddle boards. She currently combines her passion for teaching and learning with her commitment to wellness with individual coaching sessions. With a focus on life-changing wellness that incorporates mind and body, individualized goals are created by the client and supported by the coach, in a sequential, gradual approach that gives the client a chance to adjust to changes. By creating an awareness that gives people the freedom to choose a healthier life, full of energy, joy, and purpose, clients will be motivated and ready to make changes in their lives toward better health, no matter how they define it. They will be positive, open-minded people who want to make a difference in the world by first growing themselves and expanding their positive influence to those around them.